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Ozone generator DS-20-R 20g ozonator with ozone extraction

Ozone generator 20g DS-20-R with ozone extraction


DS-20-R Professional ozone generator for car service, cleaning company, air conditioning service. DS-20-R ozone generator with adjustable power 7g / h or 20g / h together with a flange for a flexible ozonation hose. This model is used for the ozonation of vehicles, stationary ventilation systems, room sterilization, food refrigerators, assisting the drying of flooded rooms, etc.

Ozone extraction function - after treatment, one end of the flexible hose should be exposed, e.g. through a window or ventilation duct, and the ozone generator should be turned on without ozone production.

Main product features:

  • Microprocessor control
  • USA technology (waterproof ozone electrodes with heat sink)
  • Impact and transport resistant electrodes
  • The settings visible on the display are confirmed by a sound signal
  • Key protection against unauthorized activation
  • Short-circuit and electric shock protection
  • Hour meter (useful for billing in a tool rental)
  • Power (7000mg / h or 20,000mg / h) for use at home, car, refrigeration, large rooms etc.
  • Room ozonation up to +/- 480m 3
  • Work time programming from 1min-9h
  • cyclic clock (setting the pause time and the number of repetitions)
  • Signaling program end with a light and sound signal
  • Durable stainless steel, aluminum and powder coated steel construction
  • Ozone neutralization
  • CE declaration
  • The letter R in the name of the generator means the outlet flange to which the remote ozonation pipe can be connected.


  • Method - corona discharge
  • Supply gas - air
  • Cooling - air
  • Dimensions - 470/250 / 250mm
  • Weight - 6 kg
  • Power supply - 230V 50Hrz
  • Power consumption - 350W max
  • Housing - aluminum / stainless and acid resistant steel
  • Working time - no limit
  • Capacity - 7g / h - 20g / h
  • Ozone flow - 421m 3